Podcast #283 - Reading Your Secrets

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  1. al Widian

    al Widian

    21 tunti sitten

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  2. Dark


    16 päivää sitten

    You did a beautiful job Julien thank you for your time!

  3. Camila Araya

    Camila Araya

    19 päivää sitten

    I've started watching from the begining of the podcast, I'm on chapter 54 rn, its so funny and feel like listening to friends while I'm working. Just wanted to say Thank you guys for keeping the old videos! love you so much, greetings from Chile!

  4. Rahela Shikorina

    Rahela Shikorina

    Uukausi sitten


  5. Cheyenne Collins

    Cheyenne Collins

    Uukausi sitten

    I still haven’t had the balls to finish watching the last podcast I cry every time

  6. Meant To Vent Podcast

    Meant To Vent Podcast

    Uukausi sitten

    Greetings Humans

  7. aimee


    Uukausi sitten

    i miss this podcast so damn much man

  8. andrea celine

    andrea celine

    Uukausi sitten


  9. K Heat

    K Heat

    Uukausi sitten

    I miss Jenna so much

  10. fefe Therman

    fefe Therman

    2 kuukautta sitten

    I hope hes not feeling under appreciated or maybe even like he has to fill someone elses spot :(

  11. That Blue Raptor

    That Blue Raptor

    2 kuukautta sitten

    We miss you Jenna

  12. Audy Capone

    Audy Capone

    2 kuukautta sitten

    I’m so sad that you guys are gone :( I miss the podcast so much 😭

  13. Beeché


    2 kuukautta sitten

    I just saw the mic down and didnt even notice squirp until Julien mentioned it hahaha

  14. Izzy Byrne

    Izzy Byrne

    2 kuukautta sitten

    I miss hearing and uneven and unsynced "dink dink dink dink" and I never thought I'd say that.

  15. Hannah Tan

    Hannah Tan

    2 kuukautta sitten

    I was laughing so hard until "I watch the office and new girl on repeat", because I felt sad for that person because I understand. I call certain shows "safe shows", they don't give you anxiety and it's calming.

  16. TheFoxVlogs


    2 kuukautta sitten


  17. ʝυѕт ʝєѕѕ

    ʝυѕт ʝєѕѕ

    2 kuukautta sitten

    I like Julien on his own... solo... by himself.... singly as one ☝🏻!! Your super cute ☺️ and a great podcasting podcaster all on your own :) you rock 🤘🏻

    • Hawaii


      2 kuukautta sitten

      There’s no podcast anymore

  18. Nutella Dreams

    Nutella Dreams

    3 kuukautta sitten

    I'm gonna miss watching you two, love u guys so much. You always make me laugh and cheer me up when I'm sad. Thank you for all the content. Please don't delete the old videos, I would like to rewatch them in the future.

  19. BlaZeWolf Vlogs

    BlaZeWolf Vlogs

    3 kuukautta sitten

    He next vid is the end :(

  20. Kai


    3 kuukautta sitten

    Happy New Years

  21. four the commenter

    four the commenter

    3 kuukautta sitten

    wait jnj? this is some weird multifandom shit

    • Hawaii


      2 kuukautta sitten

      Why is it weird

  22. Kirstin Wulff

    Kirstin Wulff

    3 kuukautta sitten

    The stuck on you part 🙌🙌🙌

  23. Natalya Velez

    Natalya Velez

    3 kuukautta sitten

    I feel like all the accepting comments is what made this community so great

  24. Olivia Harmon

    Olivia Harmon

    3 kuukautta sitten

    ok but julien who said it was their kidney?

  25. Vijaya


    3 kuukautta sitten

    Did he take down that “one” solo podcast of his? Iykyk

    • Bella D

      Bella D

      Uukausi sitten

      @Aleah Larson Me too

    • Aleah Larson

      Aleah Larson

      Uukausi sitten

      @Bella D I wonder why?

    • Psychedelic Anxiety

      Psychedelic Anxiety

      3 kuukautta sitten

      Does anyone have the reupload of that one?

    • Bella D

      Bella D

      3 kuukautta sitten

      I think he took down the last podcast he made with J Cyrus

  26. superdooper


    4 kuukautta sitten

    17:58 Julien secretly thinking that selling your kidney is a great money making idea 😂

    • superdooper


      4 kuukautta sitten

      Like boy we talkin black market surgery!

  27. Grace Reinke

    Grace Reinke

    4 kuukautta sitten

    Love you Julien

  28. Alayna Iriana

    Alayna Iriana

    5 kuukautta sitten

    My RA had 10 snakes hidden in her dorm room.... she had meetings in there with other staff and they never knew until she moved out 😭😂

  29. SCREAMqueen421


    7 kuukautta sitten

    Everyone says I look like jenna and I cry everytime. Ive spent the last 8 hours scrolling and crying because I miss her. Its genuinely like a breakup I dont think I even spent this much time crying over my ex husband ghosting me . I hope she's okay. I have a head ache from crying :( I miss the dogs. I want the best for yall, but can we get a monthly pupdate? Even on insta? Just a pic? I feel insany toxic asking but, were all so invested. Even just a pic of the dogs every so often would be dope im sorry for asking im sure others have im not going to look at the comments cause I just cant but I know everyone misses yall but I just wanted to express my sadness and I hope yall are safe and well and I hope you're cooking cool things and liesuring and everything yall enjoy doing. Miss yall.

  30. unsweet creature

    unsweet creature

    7 kuukautta sitten

    2020 socks

  31. Lauren Hartnett

    Lauren Hartnett

    7 kuukautta sitten

    reminds me of ayydubs series where she reveals her fans secrets that they submit, those are always WILD

  32. gabby leitner

    gabby leitner

    7 kuukautta sitten

    I just, love you so much as a person & I’m so proud of Jenna for taking care of herself and I’m so thankful she has you to support you. I hope you’re ok. It must be overwhelming, but you’re handling it gracefully and I’m so thankful to have you guys in my life.

  33. Wendy Meeks

    Wendy Meeks

    7 kuukautta sitten

    This podcast was one of the best. Thanks Julien and squirp

  34. Rachel VonDoloski

    Rachel VonDoloski

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Am I the only one thinking.... maybe Jenna is pregnant? And just wanting to keep it between the two of them for now and not have to deal with everyone being in her business???

    • frosty skeletons

      frosty skeletons

      7 kuukautta sitten

      Mailiis T glad you said before I could. It’s so frustrating and also takes away in this case from Jenna’s confrontation of her past. OP, I’m sure you meant well, but as Mailis said: please don’t assume every time a woman in her 20-30s does something it’s about pregnancy or children. Many women have their own life that has nothing to do with those things. Also, please consider if your guess were true, this would be exactly the type of comment that’s “in her business.” Maybe next time, consider the possibility but don’t post about it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Mailiis T

      Mailiis T

      7 kuukautta sitten

      Yes, because that's always the only logical explanation when it's to do with a woman. Like obviously she cannot just be healing herself and be getting help, she must be PreGNaNT. Honestly, I'm so over strangers inserting themselves into a woman's reproductive life and speculating about it.

  35. Blake Skelton

    Blake Skelton

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I'm really going to miss the Jenna Julien podcast😥 but I'm glad Jenna's doing okay! But I still can watch Julien on his twitch!

  36. Lauren Jessie

    Lauren Jessie

    8 kuukautta sitten

    you're not weird about the jeans thing

  37. Jp Highbaugh

    Jp Highbaugh

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Well are you happy internet cancel culture???????????????????????????????? i hope everything you have said over the past 10 years has been perfect and hasnt offended anybody EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jp Highbaugh

      Jp Highbaugh

      7 kuukautta sitten

      @frosty skeletons well it definitely wasn't her who watched her 10 year old videos one day and said hey I said some stupid things I'm going to take this time off because I dont want to offend anybody anymore, regardless of what she said, some people went on a witch hunt on her old content and brought up old skits of hers.

    • frosty skeletons

      frosty skeletons

      7 kuukautta sitten

      I do believe you are missing the point of Jenna’s apology. She took accountability for herself. No one MADE her do anything. As she clearly stated, she was upset about her own behavior and chose to make changes to benefit her mental health while discussing why that behavior wasn’t okay. She’s her own person, who made her own decision based on her own morals. I’m sure perspectives as demonstrated in your comment make her sad and reinforce her reasoning behind leaving. I wish you the best.

  38. Julie Liles

    Julie Liles

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Sure am going to miss you both 🧡💜❤️ take care and rock on

  39. Cherie White

    Cherie White

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Well.. time to go watch all the podcast videos again from the beginning since you're gone 🤍

  40. A H

    A H

    8 kuukautta sitten


  41. CapturedByKen


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Welp, it’s over ladies and gents (the podcast that is) ... DinkFamForever

  42. Allison Garison

    Allison Garison

    8 kuukautta sitten

    hi julius miss watching heart yall

  43. miranda allen

    miranda allen

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien you are the best!! Keep kicking ass!!!

  44. Cristina Hanson

    Cristina Hanson

    8 kuukautta sitten

    we love you julie!! thank you for all of that hard work you're doing. please take care of yourself, the dink fam understands

  45. shay amanda

    shay amanda

    8 kuukautta sitten

    AND JULIEN!! you are wonderful, caring, and have such a good vibe. i love watching videos regardless of if you are alone or not. you are just as valuable as your person is.

  46. shay amanda

    shay amanda

    8 kuukautta sitten

    my girl didn’t say i love you back when i told her. when she finally told me, she said she wanted to say it back the first time i said it to her, but she was scared. just know that it’s ok to say it if you feel it- and they probably do love you back!!

  47. Elizabeth Gerger

    Elizabeth Gerger

    8 kuukautta sitten

    you should read scary stories (with permission) those were some of my favorite podcasts !

  48. Random!


    8 kuukautta sitten

    18:20 Anyone else heard Jenna going Juliiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn?

  49. SmileLC100


    8 kuukautta sitten

    „Thank you sponsors“ 😉

  50. Senshimi


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I just now noticed Squirp had a mic

  51. Avoiceintheshadow


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I don't speak for anyone but myself, but you don't need to have all the answers or the "right" ones. I'm happy to see you and grateful that you're here. Jenna made a difficult decision and it's hers to make. I respect her and I respect you. Thank you, Julien

  52. K N

    K N

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Enjoyed the secrets and advice and all that. But really, I enjoyed that J inspired me to give myself a manicure and paint my nails while I watched, because my hands are all rough from projects, injuries, and being outside a lot. So not only was I entertained and got some laughs, but I look better as a result of this ep. Props, dude.

  53. J King

    J King

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Dick chicken.

  54. layla jules

    layla jules

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Sqwrp really don’t gaf huh.....

  55. Payton’s Palace

    Payton’s Palace

    8 kuukautta sitten

    We love you Julien-idea kind of like this-have people submit why they should have a reality show. Seeing the crazy side of people’s lives

  56. Lauren Shutts

    Lauren Shutts

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I am absolutely loving this solo julien content. very entertaining. very funny.

  57. Bobby Wright

    Bobby Wright

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Him: we don’t wanna treat you like kids Me:*is kid* hm yes

  58. Omw tfyb

    Omw tfyb

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The hand soap 🥺🥺

  59. Chelsea Schneider

    Chelsea Schneider

    8 kuukautta sitten

    favorite part was when sqwrp said @ 16:27 “what was the reason”

  60. Christopher Thomas Emery

    Christopher Thomas Emery

    8 kuukautta sitten

    When Julien said, "send it back" during the StitchFix ad, I immediately thought of that whole sequence from the office: "Erin, Coffee: Not from the kitchen. Stop & Shop. If it's not Stop & Shop I send it back. Large. If it's a medium I send it back. If it's an extra-large I send it back." "How do you return coffee?"

  61. Lieke Hhh

    Lieke Hhh

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Can’t wait for the squirpcast

  62. Rebecca M.

    Rebecca M.

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I totally think you can be happily engaged and miss your ex. It depends on what exactly your feelings towards your ex are. Maybe you just miss them as a person, as a friend and just someone you used to be close with. Maybe it's just because this person that you used to care about a lot isn't in your life anymore. Maybe you don't miss them as a partner. I don't think those are feelings that have to collide with the feelings you have for your fiancé/e. They can coexist

  63. Capra Jensen

    Capra Jensen

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The discord link says it expired. 😢 I wanted to join.

  64. Janie C

    Janie C

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Ok mama isn’t coming back :/

  65. MaiWorld


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I NEED 10 HOURS OF THIS! This was so soothing to my anxiety. Just a chill time with viewer’s stories.

  66. Alexa Rodriguez

    Alexa Rodriguez

    8 kuukautta sitten

    tbh, if i had the option to just read the confessions i wouldnt, but julians reactions and commentary made it so fucking hilarious

  67. Adriana Camas

    Adriana Camas

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Don’t you love super honesty time?

  68. Zoe O

    Zoe O

    8 kuukautta sitten

    jenna has to look after herself and we have a responsibility as people who care about her to respect that. my favorite thing about this podcast is the people on it - and those people change sometimes and they’re different people sometimes. and that’s okay! this podcast has been a pocket of good on the internet, and julien’s working hard to continue to bring that good. and i, for one, think he’s doing a great job.

  69. zny


    8 kuukautta sitten

    40:09 what is this, 90 Day Fiance?

  70. Savannah Simmons

    Savannah Simmons

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Love you Julien💕💕

  71. Taylor Elias

    Taylor Elias

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Whyyyy do you wear your watch backwards?

  72. Mikaela Rose

    Mikaela Rose

    8 kuukautta sitten

    If Julien isn’t good enough for you, you can get in the pond.

  73. zny


    8 kuukautta sitten

    awwwwww shiet. we in the arcade beech

  74. S K

    S K

    8 kuukautta sitten

    “Dick chicken” is going to be my new favorite insult.

  75. Mackenzie Bartek

    Mackenzie Bartek

    8 kuukautta sitten

    40:23 has me ROLLING 😂

  76. Angel Herndez

    Angel Herndez

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Sqrp: 👁️👄👁️ Julien: I agree

  77. Martha Hernandez

    Martha Hernandez

    8 kuukautta sitten

    You should let people recommend you funny phone apps that you can try out and review on the podcast 😎

  78. Ava Hering

    Ava Hering

    8 kuukautta sitten

    julen self conscious now ab his jeans 💀

  79. Stephanie


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I miss her. I miss her every Wednesday/Thursday when there isn't a new video. But I respect her choice to step away and I understand that she needs some time for herself. I hope she is doing well and if she does come back, great. If she doesn't, then I will be thankful for what she gave to me with her videos. My life is better because she posted content.

  80. Stephanie


    8 kuukautta sitten


  81. Brayana Marsh

    Brayana Marsh

    8 kuukautta sitten

    It’s the dead silence while squirp “talks”.... for me

  82. Karli Boyd

    Karli Boyd

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I obvi miss Jenna but I also kinda feel like we’re getting special privileged alone time with Julen and I’m here for it

  83. Mike Oochie

    Mike Oochie

    8 kuukautta sitten

    tbh forget couple goals get u man that takes over a weekly podcast so that u can take time for your mental health ❤️ that’s why we love u julien

  84. allaura pierce

    allaura pierce

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Just send Jenna our love. We will always love and miss her ❤️

  85. Eschanea Bartolo

    Eschanea Bartolo

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I'll love to see a part two of this, it was fun lol

  86. Delilah Green

    Delilah Green

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Dang got excited about the discord link and it didn’t work 😕

  87. Eschanea Bartolo

    Eschanea Bartolo

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I like that Julien lowers the mic so that if squirp wanted to speak they have the option lol

  88. Grigio Girl

    Grigio Girl

    8 kuukautta sitten

    im high as shit and i kept turning my volume up when he asked Squirp how hes doing bc i couldnt hear his answer lmao

  89. Sara Noel

    Sara Noel

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Thanks for sitting down and making content for us each week Julien!

  90. Samantha Christy

    Samantha Christy

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Glad to see you - Jenna needs time and we should know that she may not come back. That is okay - it is like a relative that moved away and we don't know when we may see them again. I wish her well on her new journey and look forwarded to Julian only content.

  91. Carolyn Dikos

    Carolyn Dikos

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Excellent job, great content, super entertaining and would love to see secrets be a series

  92. Kati_unni


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I personally love that were even getting any content on here right now, thank you julien for all your hard work buddy and I hope the fam is ok 😊💜

  93. Katie Snider

    Katie Snider

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I loved this episode! 🙌

    • Katie Snider

      Katie Snider

      8 kuukautta sitten

      Also. Take your time with all the unknowns. ❤❤ you don't own anyone anything! Do what feels right!

  94. Angie Rosby

    Angie Rosby

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I tried to join the discord through the link but it says it expired or not the right link :( can anyone link it?

  95. Daniel Rex

    Daniel Rex

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Came for the dinks

  96. E Mc

    E Mc

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Many things wrong with the US. Why the heck would you sell a kidney foe school? Is that a joke? Here we just get a student loan and its free if your are low income. Like free as in you get money and never pay it back. I feel sorry for Americans. Its not the land of the free. Socialism rocks and I will always pay more taxes to help the less fortunate. Canada is the land of greatness, honesty, love, respect, and dignity. I feel like Americans are stuck in the ultimate Capitalism, conservative nightmare.

  97. kitesprout


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Stan Sqwrp for clean skin!

  98. Amelia


    8 kuukautta sitten

    hi Julie I want you to know you're doing great. i'm gonna be honest I probably built an unhealthy parent like attachment to you guys chatting me to bed, the first pod back felt weird and I didn't even give you a fair chance for a minute. but each one gets better and I don't want you to think there's any pressure to even upload one every week and im so glad I binged today, but it means so much to me and I truly value and appreciate everything coming out of your mouth.

  99. Margareta Grääs

    Margareta Grääs

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Are we never gonna experience Jenna again

  100. Tessa Mabb

    Tessa Mabb

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Damn Squirp didn’t have to roast Julien like that 🙄😤