Podcast #281 - Juliencast 2: Dink Tank

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  1. Jenna Julien

    Jenna Julien

    9 kuukautta sitten

    shoutout to kyle from MA, sorry for calling you ken. your pitch really did it to M

    • J G

      J G

      8 kuukautta sitten


    • Kyle Langlois

      Kyle Langlois

      8 kuukautta sitten

      Jazz Thank you!

    • Holly


      8 kuukautta sitten

      Kyle Langlois g

    • Jazz


      8 kuukautta sitten

      @Kyle Langlois loved your pitch!!

    • Brazilian Fox

      Brazilian Fox

      8 kuukautta sitten

      Kyle Langlois do y’all ship to Florida?

  2. NeonWarrior47


    5 kuukautta sitten

    How about “a picture perfect pitcher?” You need someone to pitch at a baseball game? We doin’ it to em’! You need help pitching an idea in the shark tank, a board meeting, or anything else? We doin’ it to em! You need to pitch an idea to a group of friends? We doin’ it to em’!

  3. matthewnour97


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Just saw your final podcast. I just wanted to come here and say to you guys that you are amazing people. You bring so much joy into my life and while I am sad to see you guys go, I am happy for you both for making the hard decision of ending the podcast and taking this time to recover and find yourselves. I will love you guys both always. From your online friend you don't know ❤️ dink dink for life 🤟

  4. Miranda Themofcknpanda

    Miranda Themofcknpanda

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I just want to say that I really appreciate the new element you've brought to this episode with getting viewers to send in their pitches to you. At first I thought it was going to be you pitching ideas but was not at all disappointed by this new angle. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Ashlyn Berry

    Ashlyn Berry

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Thanks for showing the dogs in your videos. One of the things I was worried about when Jenna left was the dogs. Seeing them lets me know their OK.

  6. Paige B

    Paige B

    8 kuukautta sitten

    TeethbrusH made me CACKLE

  7. Emily VanWagner

    Emily VanWagner

    8 kuukautta sitten

    we really need some more dink tank, this was amazing I was cracking up the entire time

  8. Ben B

    Ben B

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I still don’t understand how Julien has to read the sponsors off his phone when says the same stuff every podcast, you would think he would have memorized it from saying so much

  9. Julia Julia

    Julia Julia

    8 kuukautta sitten

    the perfect duo

  10. Sophia Zanowick

    Sophia Zanowick

    8 kuukautta sitten

    If this could be live with the contestants that would be great

  11. Joanna Eastham

    Joanna Eastham

    8 kuukautta sitten

    There's nothing like being greeted by a Bobble and a Julen.

  12. Jacky Beltram

    Jacky Beltram

    8 kuukautta sitten

    omg i'm tearing up and cracking up at work .

  13. Stevie


    8 kuukautta sitten

    julien, i hope you know just how much we love YOU

  14. Maryrose Detky

    Maryrose Detky

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Okay Dink Tank, but Zoom Calls instead of submitted videos so all questions can be answered. Eh? Eh?

  15. Kathy Lawrence

    Kathy Lawrence

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Teethbrush guy was a riot 🤣

  16. Megan


    8 kuukautta sitten

    This was one of my favourite episodes ever this is amazing, well done Julien

  17. I think you know

    I think you know

    8 kuukautta sitten

    We need a live Dink Tank where we can call in to pitch and you can ask questions! Like how on Instagram you can have different people duet with you at different times during the same call?

  18. alayah whitaker

    alayah whitaker

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Projectile tears...band name called it

  19. Katherine


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien really gonna need those glasses windshield wipers for when jenna sprays him with rose water

  20. V4Vonnie


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Yo, I'm loving the submissions! If he gets another person, this awesome!

  21. Randall Johanson

    Randall Johanson

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Damn it I live in Alaska…

  22. daniwolf


    8 kuukautta sitten

    The irony of living in Alaska and having the idea of windshield wipers for glasses 😭😭😭

  23. Cole Richards

    Cole Richards

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien listing the exact chores I did today. I'm honored

  24. Simon Ghoul

    Simon Ghoul

    8 kuukautta sitten

    this podcast was so good

  25. Katelyn Edelson

    Katelyn Edelson

    8 kuukautta sitten

    "but with jet packs"

  26. Cuan Wolf

    Cuan Wolf

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I love the doin it to em alphabet

  27. C Baum

    C Baum

    8 kuukautta sitten

    mable really said 👁👅👁

  28. Sarasioux Spencer

    Sarasioux Spencer

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I just realized... I accidentally disliked this video 😢 I think 129 other people did too

  29. Amber Ward

    Amber Ward

    8 kuukautta sitten

    took me sooo long to remember that toilet buddy is from The Office!!

  30. J G

    J G

    8 kuukautta sitten

    "fukit we're never shipping to alaska" lmfaoooooooooooooo

  31. Natalie Pawlyk

    Natalie Pawlyk

    8 kuukautta sitten

    OMG teethbrush killed me, I was laughing so hard!

  32. Theo's cakes

    Theo's cakes

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Why are we acting like jenna is dead

  33. Emma Langmaid

    Emma Langmaid

    8 kuukautta sitten

    please but bunny on the chair in a wig julen

  34. YA GURL


    8 kuukautta sitten

    the third guy was funny tho😂

  35. bbyshark


    8 kuukautta sitten

    jet with butt packs

  36. KayleeKakes


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I would’ve loved to see jennas reaction to these

  37. spiritussublime


    8 kuukautta sitten

    omg such an excellent podcast. I really think this should be it's own segment, outside of a podcast, just it's own: "DINKTANK". This was so much fun to watch. Thank You, Julen, and thank you to all of the Dink Fam that submitted! 😁👏👏👏

  38. spiritussublime


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Marbles is such a little angel-face. Love him so much 💗💜💗 1:36

  39. Rachel Lew

    Rachel Lew

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Open heart surgery... but with jet packs

  40. tommigi


    8 kuukautta sitten

    So we climb in the tub, plug in the toaster oven set to broil and then throw the toaster oven in the water?

  41. Alexis Hart

    Alexis Hart

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Wow not shipping to Alaska? 1. Offense. Way to be just like every other company 2. Only the super far North part of Alaska goes without sun for a few months. The rest of us just get less sun 3. I have contacts anyways

  42. Natalie Kurtz

    Natalie Kurtz

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The teethbrush pitch is my fave lolz!!!

  43. Rainbowcloud


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Wow Bobby is so gray now!

  44. robin smith

    robin smith

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Legit thought the ad segment would be julen playing a clip but it was him talking abt the sponsors,,, I was so suspicious of every one lmao

  45. Becca Reigh

    Becca Reigh

    8 kuukautta sitten

    When marble decided he wanted to sit in julens lap 🥺😭💖

  46. Mirdered


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Marblecast!! Marblecast!!

  47. Candace Van Osch

    Candace Van Osch

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Big love to you and your fam ❤️

  48. Aimee Jenkins

    Aimee Jenkins

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Props Julien! Thank you for holding down the fort! Miss Jenna, like what!? You made your point but I / we need you to come back as well! You two are the best OTTERS ever!!! I miss you! 😘

  49. Anna Archer

    Anna Archer

    8 kuukautta sitten

    It’s so sad just seeing julien here without Jenna she’s like his partner in crime

  50. JustMe Dave

    JustMe Dave

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Love you Julien! Hope you and Jenna are doing great! Miss her!

  51. kathryn


    8 kuukautta sitten


  52. Megan


    8 kuukautta sitten

    *wailing from Julien's wallet*

  53. Kelsey Beams

    Kelsey Beams

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Seeing bobby boy made me straight up CRY. Its 11:38 and im bawling.

  54. 91Mliii


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Dear Jenna and Julien, I've followed you on FItop from the start, since you both uploaded your first respective videos. I find your presence online truly inspiring as you are both down to earth and genuine. Plus your couple dynamic is beautiful to witness. I'd like to reach out to you in the same forum you've reached out to me over the years when I needed it. Jenna I understand that you have been feeling pressured by your audience and likely ended up censoring yourself (maybe without realising) because of it. This editing of yourself and peoples constant opinions raining on you made you loose your passion. What drives you is your kind heart and bringing laughter to any one you can. People are always going to have varying opinions what others do and how they do it. But what I need you to remember is that the people who are complaining about you are not happy about their situation. I don't think you've made any insensitive content. However you are human and humans make mistakes sometimes. What matter is the intent you had behind it. And the people who has seen your content has never had any reason to question your yours, you've proven time and time again that your moral compass is to be well trusted. Please know that no one is ever going to be able to please everybody. Some people complain to make them feel better about themselves. Me and 99 percent of your audience has never had any reason to question neither your intent or morals. And the one percent who did was likely triggered by things that has happened in their lives (biases). Don't want to pressure you to come back if you're not ready or want to. I think you need to start trusting in yourself again. You are a great human being and role model. You both are. The world needs people like both of you in any way we can! Lots of love xx Emelie

  55. Grace Johnson

    Grace Johnson

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The third guy was 100% julien vibes i love it

  56. Jaq


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I want the teeth brush .

  57. Jaq


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Switched from my usual podcast listening app to youtube just so I could watch video too... this was so fun and wholesome!!! New favorite!!!!

  58. Zac Skurka

    Zac Skurka

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The Marbles and Julien podcast. Yes Marbles name comes first 💕💕💕

  59. Kayleigh Barnaba

    Kayleigh Barnaba

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Pls tell Jenna to come back😢

  60. Fred Bannister

    Fred Bannister

    8 kuukautta sitten

    MARBLE! I missed you bud🥺

  61. Cassandra Mae

    Cassandra Mae

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The Dink Fam is so funny lol I love this!! 🥰

  62. reefmaster2


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Please get Jenna to watch podcast 225 from min 26 onwards.....this is why we need her 😍

  63. Gabriel


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien you're beautiful but i miss her so much.

  64. PrincessAriel


    8 kuukautta sitten

    These were great. High fives all around Dink fam!!! Thanks for the laughs

  65. madilyne


    8 kuukautta sitten

    but with jet packs? more like butt with jet packs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  66. Kr Gr

    Kr Gr

    8 kuukautta sitten

    The last people were high AF

  67. Wynona 7

    Wynona 7

    8 kuukautta sitten


  68. Anna Pruitt

    Anna Pruitt

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Lol I like how Julien agreed to every single pitch-even the ones he obviously didn’t want. Seemed like he was worried about saying no and possibly hurting people’s feelings. This was the most awkward I’ve ever seen him, and it was kind of adorable. He’s so soft and loves all of the fans!

  69. Owain Davies

    Owain Davies

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien is going to be the most wholesome elderly person in the future

  70. Dutchess Of Salt

    Dutchess Of Salt

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I wanna see these people who JulienShark (Tm) invested in do a second video about 'how it's going'

  71. saladcry


    8 kuukautta sitten

    it should have been called jackoffee.

  72. KenzieBell105


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Hahahha I loved this, the dink fam is so funny 😂 I hope you do more of these

  73. tinypaintbrush


    8 kuukautta sitten

    I love how Julien is so kind and positive about even the silliest trolly pitches. ❤️

  74. Lenee Wethington

    Lenee Wethington

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I thought marbles was a bunny in the thumbnail

  75. Sheriff _0

    Sheriff _0

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Was very distracted watching marbles switch from being invested in the computer screen and julen to just the abyss

  76. Amanda Gutierrez

    Amanda Gutierrez

    8 kuukautta sitten

    this pod was the illest

  77. alexandra cantoran

    alexandra cantoran

    8 kuukautta sitten

    We should make a mr.marbles Stan account

  78. Kayla McNay

    Kayla McNay

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Podcast 39 Going there with Shane Dawson.

  79. Blake Skelton

    Blake Skelton

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Favorite part of my week 💙

  80. Amber McKinney

    Amber McKinney

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Its really hard to watch these with out jenna. I miss seeing her regularly. She was the reason i still came to youtube... i feel like i havent seen her in forever... please tell her i miss her and would love for her to come back. She brightened my days when i was having a hard week. The world needs more Jenna!

  81. A Plunks

    A Plunks

    8 kuukautta sitten

    the lady pitching the glasses windshield wipers (I couldn't catch her name) is wearing the exact same glasses as Julien, I swear to god lol

  82. Rachy Hams

    Rachy Hams

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I realized marble was with him and I started crying like Kermit in content scale deadass no exaggeration I miss these puppies

  83. Megan Gilmer

    Megan Gilmer

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Random comment but brooooo your tattoos are poppin. Dope. Big fan.

  84. Asgardian92


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Giving credit to Valerie S in the comments of the previous video let's all hit the likes for Julien to dress as the Anchorman!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️👍👍

  85. quazzy duck

    quazzy duck

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I miss Jenna😭😭😭😭

  86. Dawn of Danielle

    Dawn of Danielle

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I'm sad the ad read wasnt segued as another pitch with an inserted pre-recorded pitch

  87. Eligirl3


    8 kuukautta sitten

    somethings off but I’m glad you’re still going. This was a great idea, really enjoyed it (:

  88. Bejaoui Mobtagha

    Bejaoui Mobtagha

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I bought DOIN IT TO M to my baby Now he's Elon Musk

  89. hunny


    8 kuukautta sitten

    hear me out jenna appreciation cast, you just talk about how great jenna is and play a fun jenna themed game

  90. hannah doyle

    hannah doyle

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Thank god Mr. Marbles is back.

  91. Red Vixen

    Red Vixen

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Toilet Buddy is from the office 😂😂😂

  92. Caitlin Mccormick

    Caitlin Mccormick

    8 kuukautta sitten


  93. Emily


    8 kuukautta sitten

    Julien is being slapped in the face with his own aries energy and he doesn't know what to do with it.

  94. Boa Cow

    Boa Cow

    8 kuukautta sitten

    He really out here calling Kyle Ken. Rip Kyle 😣

  95. Franziska Summers

    Franziska Summers

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Marbles makes everything better 💕

  96. Sean Murphy

    Sean Murphy

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I miss Jenna :( *Sadly dinks

  97. Chandler Ripley

    Chandler Ripley

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Where is jenna

  98. Lynn Sheppard

    Lynn Sheppard

    8 kuukautta sitten

    "I don't have that kind of money, and 7% royalty fees would leave me in debt... but I like your idea anyways" 😂 Juliaaaaan.... Even though Jenna isnt there, I can still hear her in spirit lol

  99. Cee Kay

    Cee Kay

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I like how Julien's face seems to be him realising how insane all of his Shark Tank pitches must sound, every time he processes how crazy the Dink fam pitches are.

  100. Liam McMeeken

    Liam McMeeken

    8 kuukautta sitten

    I miss Jenna 😭😥😭 I hope she's doing ok ❤