Podcast #264 - Jenna's Thoughts This Week

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  1. Mary Joyce

    Mary Joyce

    10 päivää sitten

    fun fact dawn wall was directed by my ballet teacher's husband

  2. Anne Plummer

    Anne Plummer

    24 päivää sitten

    Ughhhhh, I miss our talks on the podcast, fam❤️

  3. kristal Rose

    kristal Rose

    Uukausi sitten

    I like how Jenna used all of her energy and thought into spewing out all of her random thoughts of the week on to Julian and now Julian's like hey use your brain power to do these fun things and she's getting irritable because she just fried her own brain Jenna I can relate

  4. Julissa H

    Julissa H

    2 kuukautta sitten

    me: rewatching these podcasts always bc i just miss u guys so much

  5. sprialls


    2 kuukautta sitten

    technically everyone else is an npc bc u cant play as them 😼

  6. ZozoMonster 18

    ZozoMonster 18

    3 kuukautta sitten


  7. Azaleani


    3 kuukautta sitten

    4:42 we are NASA bum ba dum bum bum bum bum

  8. Meghan_ Shew

    Meghan_ Shew

    4 kuukautta sitten

    The main misconception about the definition of a servant, is that it's actually a syndrome. Most people with it are often on the autism spectrum or have a form of brain trauma/learning trauma - hense having a lack of social skills. Stephen Wiltshire is a really good example of this. He can go up in a helicopter and look at New York just once, can draw it exactly from memory. The idea of someone being a physical sevant is possible but it'd have to be a skill that comes naturally and not learned. Athletes are called so because they take most of their lives honing and learning the skills of that sport, where Stephen Wiltshire had to just simply look and pick up a pencil and paper.

  9. The Bear

    The Bear

    4 kuukautta sitten

    Anyone who says "have a blest day" is an npc

  10. Alyssa Landry

    Alyssa Landry

    4 kuukautta sitten

    Wow watching this again I can see how Jenna was really worried about offending or upsetting people almost 5 months before she left. Makes me sad she was dealing with that pressure so long, but glad she's doing better now!

    • Sheila Fitzgerald

      Sheila Fitzgerald

      2 kuukautta sitten

      Same here!

  11. cybertree


    5 kuukautta sitten


  12. cybertree


    5 kuukautta sitten

    I've lived long enough to realize that *PEOPLE THAT HAVE FIGURED LIFE OUT* are the NPC's. Like that guy that wears Tommy Bahama all the time and is incredibly nice for no reason, and doesn't have any wild thoughts and/or opinions on anything; I guarantee he's thought about everything you have, and probably come to an existential opinion on it. That's why he seems unreal, because he's totally one with the universe, and doesn't need to prove his realness to you. He just trying to be comfortable in his Tommy Bahama and be present dawg.

  13. Monana


    6 kuukautta sitten

    3:56 Peachy begging for attention. She’s so freaking adorable 😍😘

  14. i stan some shit idk

    i stan some shit idk

    7 kuukautta sitten

    *i genuinely cackled at the “i love the way this cake is cut” at the beginning*

  15. Sierra


    7 kuukautta sitten

    "oOouh Beelntch"

  16. Alex Gonzalez-Ellis

    Alex Gonzalez-Ellis

    7 kuukautta sitten

    i- i love the way you are programmed

  17. TheScentofSunflowers


    7 kuukautta sitten

    Human NPC Segment: 12:31 - 20:53. 19:14 *walks up to people* "Hey?" *Head nod* "you an NPC? "Need something?"

  18. Emily _ Ford

    Emily _ Ford

    8 kuukautta sitten

    Ahhhh I miss Jenna

  19. ella


    8 kuukautta sitten

    The aliens controlling 2020 need to stop it

  20. Kai wagner

    Kai wagner

    9 kuukautta sitten

    The moon conversation reminds me of Capaldi episode of doctor who about the moon being an egg

  21. Mariah


    9 kuukautta sitten

    How did I knew it was BEYYYYN when all you said was hummus fan account 😂 I dont even have twitter

  22. Melk H

    Melk H

    9 kuukautta sitten

    Anyone else rewatching podcasts because they miss Jenna already?

    • Luna


      9 kuukautta sitten

      Yep, first one I’ve watched since and it made me smile 🥺🥺🥺

  23. Taurus And Libra

    Taurus And Libra

    9 kuukautta sitten

    28:14 In psychology classes I’ve taken, athleticism has always been included in savant syndrome

    • Taurus And Libra

      Taurus And Libra

      7 kuukautta sitten

      There’s probably a specific reason for why some people consider athleticism to be a part of savant syndrome and why others don’t, I’m just unaware of it

    • Taurus And Libra

      Taurus And Libra

      7 kuukautta sitten

      Maggie McCann I’m not CERTAIN on the answer to that, but the best guess I can give is that with some concepts in social sciences, we sometimes see room for interpretation in characteristics. Some ideas aren’t confined to rigid definitions or qualities and may slightly vary from source to source, individual to individual. So we might be seeing that sort of variation here

    • Maggie McCann

      Maggie McCann

      7 kuukautta sitten

      Then why isn't it listed?

  24. Dani Heckert

    Dani Heckert

    9 kuukautta sitten

    "There's an NPC in a game somewhere still waiting on you to finish that side quest you forgot about that would change their life." I'm sooo happy I found this channel this morning. Way to be awesome, kids. Also, Orion is my jam, really ironic it came up on the first video I saw here. I really hope our ancestral aliens are from there (actually I'd assume those 3-9 stars are insanely far from each other really, but still). Also also, my favorite part so far is the dog that starts to pet Jenna at the four minute mark. That's a quality relationship right there you guys.

  25. Valentina Punegova

    Valentina Punegova

    10 kuukautta sitten

    что - то с настройками наверно...но это не точно

  26. Valentina Punegova

    Valentina Punegova

    10 kuukautta sitten

    я не могу перевести субтитры на русский язык..(((( плохо (( хочу читать и практиковать английский язык

  27. Riley Braun

    Riley Braun

    10 kuukautta sitten

    she is such an INFP... lots of love ya lil cupcake

  28. Megan Sohl

    Megan Sohl

    10 kuukautta sitten

    If Human NPCs do exist, are they aware they are NPCs?

  29. Gillian C

    Gillian C

    10 kuukautta sitten

    Peaches little arm hitting Jenna is so cute

  30. Mavourneen


    10 kuukautta sitten

    What if the players are gone and we're all NPCs in an abandoned game

  31. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    10 kuukautta sitten


  32. Farkleberry


    11 kuukautta sitten

    I think that the NPC thing is honestly kind of a dangerous thought. Everyone has as diverse and detailed a past as we do, and has thoughts and emotions. NPC is a non-human title. Perhaps some people don't think very deeply or control their thoughts, and go with the flow, and live an extremely average life, but they are still people. Maybe we are all NPCs sometimes.

  33. Lucas the Crazy

    Lucas the Crazy

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Bye mom I’m gonna go meme on them humans

  34. Mia Masters

    Mia Masters

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Thanks for helping me sleep! Going to tiktok now

  35. Sana J

    Sana J

    11 kuukautta sitten

    23:48 i'm glad jenna mentioned this cuz i was thinking this exact same thing and was about to comment about it

  36. I have no name

    I have no name

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Cardi B is 100% a human NPC

  37. Richard Pasque

    Richard Pasque

    11 kuukautta sitten

    I'm so glad Jenna treats the NPC thing as dangerous, albeit a funny meme. It just reminds me how even though she seems eccentric and a bit nutty, she really is quite smart.

  38. Elizabeth Gacek

    Elizabeth Gacek

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Kermit is a npc

  39. H B

    H B

    11 kuukautta sitten

    You better be careful before the FBI start questioning you.

  40. Nin Tofu

    Nin Tofu

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Just when I thought I couldn’t love them more Jenna starts talking about ancient aliens and Orion.

  41. Cole World

    Cole World

    11 kuukautta sitten

    I think the key to a savant is *severe* mental disability of some kind...

  42. Meagan Millsap

    Meagan Millsap

    11 kuukautta sitten

    Julien. What makes a species more “advanced”, than another??

  43. Em King

    Em King

    11 kuukautta sitten

    hearing that Jenna knows and watches Sarah and Brittany and their PeePeePooPoo Time videos literally gave me freak out ajdhfje omg yes

  44. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel

    Vuosi sitten

    Hi hello jenna and julien, thanks for sharing this is funny, o wanted to share some information about extraterrestial life, the autor is Samael Aun Weor, he wrote more than 77 books regarding meditation, matrimony, the energy of the human body, teletransportation, out of body experience, hope you see this

  45. Maddison Wright

    Maddison Wright

    Vuosi sitten

    the idea of alien species is a real thing. keep doin you jenna. and also love you you two make me laugh all the tiiime

  46. lexi


    Vuosi sitten

    *H E Y*

  47. lexi


    Vuosi sitten

    *N E E D S O M E T H I N’ ?*

  48. Kaylie Robinson

    Kaylie Robinson

    Vuosi sitten

    Hey guys, welcome back to jenuh bein an Aries

  49. hamsack


    Vuosi sitten

    When i was little, i had a hard tkme accepting the fact that everyone around me has a life, like they all came out of someone and grew up and has a role in a family and took a career path and i was like "theres so many people how-" now im in the restaurant business and ive fully met npcs who repeat the same shit in the same tone every time they come in, as if on q cycle. weird shit

  50. Zoey


    Vuosi sitten

    13:40 The video he's talking about: fitop.info/build/videot/lLOVlpra3JiEmmw

  51. Isabelle S.

    Isabelle S.

    Vuosi sitten

    How did I know it was Jeffree Star from only hearing “self-made” 😂

  52. EmLee Gee

    EmLee Gee

    Vuosi sitten

    Not that I have a problem with kinetic savant, but I think prodigy could be an alternate

  53. luke


    Vuosi sitten

    There's this like a massive indentation in the earth in between australia and antarctica i bet there's dope gravity there.

  54. Mickie Hoffman

    Mickie Hoffman

    Vuosi sitten

    i once did mushrooms AND DMT cos i’m a fucking glutton for punishing my brain and opening portals to other dimensions in my brain , not knowing about the Akashi? records and i swear i read other people’s thoughts

  55. JL F

    JL F

    Vuosi sitten

    the ayy lmaos have memed us 👽

  56. suna 173.6jm

    suna 173.6jm

    Vuosi sitten

    bretman is a leooo btw

  57. suna 173.6jm

    suna 173.6jm

    Vuosi sitten

    thank u for saying how that npc thing is actually really toxic lol i was about to become upset at how dehumanizing that sounds

  58. J Doe

    J Doe

    Vuosi sitten

    Human NPCs could just be individuals who are parts of large, well-established and highly related groups of people, aka families. By having so many relatives similar to them, they simply need to act as a subunit within the group. And it could actually give them more autonomy as individuals if they don’t have to worry as much about passing on their genes. You could say that this goes against biology in some ways, because we are sexually reproductive organisms and genetic recombination helps to further divide even the closest relatives, but there are large and at least somewhat closely connected families. Also, there are certain archetypes of people that are so similar to one another, that you can just tell that if you went far enough back in their genetic line they would come from the same person.

  59. J Doe

    J Doe

    Vuosi sitten

    Gravity levels do vary on earth

  60. Just Another Sara Elizabeth

    Just Another Sara Elizabeth

    Vuosi sitten

    I could listen to Jenna and Julien have conversations all day. I like how it can go from joking to a full on intellectual back and forth between them ❤️

  61. Tyrone229 Boy

    Tyrone229 Boy

    Vuosi sitten

    I think y'all are reachin a bit with floyd bein a savant

  62. Froggy


    Vuosi sitten

    Lmao did anyone else think of DuckTales when Jenna mentioned aliens inside the moon

  63. Lucas the Crazy

    Lucas the Crazy

    Vuosi sitten

    Jenna and Juliet better watch out for cars because they are RIGHT in the middle of the street, what aRE they doInG?

  64. Lucas the Crazy

    Lucas the Crazy

    Vuosi sitten

    I can not spiritually relate to the gravity map of the moon nor can I physically but a gravity map of VENUS DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED

  65. Deaf Dude

    Deaf Dude

    Vuosi sitten

    I’m not sure if someone has said this already, but the thought of kinetic savants may be a dangerous area to dabble in. Evolution in general is based off on adapting to your environment, so the thought of “kinetic savants” may just be people who have been more adapted to the environment they’re in, but at the same time, it feels like there’s a slight hint of eugenics that can strafe the area of “kinetic savants” (eugenics being the subject of intentionally breeding or promoting a “superior” human, which is what Hitler believed in with the whole “superior” race etc), so it’s hard to assess the area of kinetic savants. That’s just my thoughts tho, I haven’t thought too deeply about this

  66. Chelsea Kathleen

    Chelsea Kathleen

    Vuosi sitten

    Were like trick dogs or hamster in a maze for them they just keep giving us puzzles

  67. Melanie Potter

    Melanie Potter

    Vuosi sitten

    you can tell theyre a little tense

  68. Holly Morgan

    Holly Morgan

    Vuosi sitten

    Cermit's crying sounded exactly like my dog and I kept looking at him wondering what's wrong 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

  69. Megan C

    Megan C

    Vuosi sitten

    Ok for real tho. Big scale theoreticals here. So there is a theory that we live a whole bunch of lives going through trials in order to essentially get to some sort of nirvana level existence. You have to wonder, in this scenario, are some of the absolutely terrible people we meet actually just NPCs because it seems like they truly have no point to be acting this way. Idk I'm really caffeinated and I can't totally articulate this thought.

    • Megan C

      Megan C

      Vuosi sitten

      Oh and also, if you think about it, anyone you don't know well is essentially an NPC. Like, if you don't know someone, they are basically a flat character with no arc (especially if you only know them for a short period of time, such as a fast food worker). Under this same logic, we are all NPCs in other people's lives. There are some people we meet who will have no other point in OUR lives than maybe handing back a dropped dollar or something, and that's pretty much an NPC.

  70. rollercoasterlove94


    Vuosi sitten

    I'm a human npc

  71. Elizabeth Catherine Sample

    Elizabeth Catherine Sample

    Vuosi sitten


  72. Czarina Lagrimas

    Czarina Lagrimas

    Vuosi sitten

    what if you're the npc

  73. Beth B

    Beth B

    Vuosi sitten

    40:00 bentendo

  74. chocoboasylum


    Vuosi sitten

    If you think of a Savant in a gaming term it's the PC that's got the majority of their skill points in 1 stat

  75. chocoboasylum


    Vuosi sitten

    Real Life NPC's represent!

  76. Kaylee Minnich

    Kaylee Minnich

    Vuosi sitten


  77. Malyssa Nicole

    Malyssa Nicole

    Vuosi sitten

    I laughed way too hard at the gym listening to this.

  78. CaptainSugar


    Vuosi sitten

    When I worked in the grocery store I was basically an NPC lol

  79. Camilla Vika Høgemark

    Camilla Vika Høgemark

    Vuosi sitten

    need somethin’?

  80. Mia Davila

    Mia Davila

    Vuosi sitten

    the concept of an NPC had to have stem from somewhere. From nothing to something. from an idea to an actualization. So yes, the possibility of actual NPCs are a thing. it's THE thing. There cant be humans without NPCs. No NPCs without humansszzakfjlg;dsfjgsd;khjs;gjslkfgd;flgks;fgk

  81. Loren Anderson

    Loren Anderson

    Vuosi sitten

    I love occasionally hearing Kermit crying in the background 💗 He cries for everyone in the room and I respect that 👌

  82. Shelby Henderson

    Shelby Henderson

    Vuosi sitten

    it the nail on the head with Alex. he has those qualities.

  83. valeria


    Vuosi sitten

    ballerinas are definitely kinetic savants not to push my dancer agenda but ballet is so much more demanding than most popular sports and everyone should be impressed as hell by dancers shit is hard ok thanks for coming to my ted talk

  84. Kim Shirran

    Kim Shirran

    Vuosi sitten

    Yall weren’t too far off, bretman is a Leo not an Aries but you got the fire sign part right!

  85. Cats 2079

    Cats 2079

    Vuosi sitten

    I just realized that Jenna sounds like she's always high. Sometimes with what she says, mostly with just how she talks.

  86. Legion Ella

    Legion Ella

    Vuosi sitten

    Full stop. The last episode of Ancient Aliens Giorgio Tsoukalos unzips his face showing he is an alien. And he's like "I've been trying to tell y'all".

  87. alexx woodwick

    alexx woodwick

    Vuosi sitten

    Who the hell is MKVH3???

  88. Shelby What

    Shelby What

    Vuosi sitten

    okay i worked with a lady that didn’t act like a person. she was confused by everything and it just seemed like there was never anything going on in her head. our theories were that she was either a civil war ghost, or that her (weird, overbearing) husband created a sex doll and it became sentient and he got tired of it being around all the time so he sent her out into the world to get a job. but maybe she’s an npc

  89. wonderwoman0718


    Vuosi sitten

    Peach trying to get Jenna's attention at 4:00 😂😂

  90. Windy Lowery

    Windy Lowery

    Vuosi sitten

    I think my FiL is a kinetic savant. The control that he has of his body to run heavy machinery is the most deft, beautiful and graceful ways and how he can roller skate is just astounding to me.

  91. Windy Lowery

    Windy Lowery

    Vuosi sitten

    That fun party trick of putting feet behind their head could be a sign they have EDS. ;)

  92. Lourdes I Valdez

    Lourdes I Valdez

    Vuosi sitten

    Sooo..Kemits Face after Jenna screamed ? 💀😂

  93. Marina G

    Marina G

    Vuosi sitten

    Ppl trying to explain kinetic intelligence and intelligence theory to Jenna like she doesn't have a master's degree in psychology 😂

  94. Binky Bright

    Binky Bright

    Vuosi sitten

    Please someone explain to me why all of Jenna’s thoughts made me spiral and make me think and use my brain so hard

  95. Rachelle J

    Rachelle J

    Vuosi sitten

    Are there npc dinks

  96. Georgia Rain

    Georgia Rain

    Vuosi sitten

    Paused the podcast. Went and watched Free Solo. Damn. Stressful.

  97. Aidan Sankowsky

    Aidan Sankowsky

    Vuosi sitten

    I think maybe the word theyre looking for with the kinetic savant is a prodigy? Or something of the like

  98. shandel raymond

    shandel raymond

    Vuosi sitten

    The Filler People!!!!! -Dolores Cannon and the Convoluted Universe.

  99. Kate Templeton

    Kate Templeton

    Vuosi sitten

    Jenna gets mad at Julien's clues and then immediately guesses the right answer. Lol

  100. Katie Gerchy

    Katie Gerchy

    Vuosi sitten

    Also: I think anyone that says they don’t have an inner voice is an NPC.